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“Successful translational science implementations require not only considering the data integration challenges but also the scientist-investigator’s actual workflows. Attention to these ‘Human Workflows’ have a huge impact on user adoption and ultimate success or failure.”

Human Workflows, LLC provides consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, specifically focusing on information integration across siloed sources.

The major impact of these types of integration are on:

  1.   translational medicine

  2.   biomarker data mining

  3.   improved, more efficient discovery research

  4.   better implementation of Phase 0 and exploratory IND studies

Human Workflow's approach for providing successful translational science solutions is to consider the technical aspects of getting all relevant and previously siloed data types into a common environment, guided by a thorough understanding of the workflows of the personnel who will be using the system.  There are many technically elegant solutions that have been engineered from an IT perspective that experience poor user adoption and ultimately fail because in the early design little or no consideration was given to the end-user workflows.  Understanding these “Human Workflows” is critical in the design of effective data models and user interfaces that will be widely adopted and enhance productivity.

Our unique strength is the dual experience of our staff. Each of our founders has directed and performed research in academic and commercial laboratories and has significant experience in designing, managing and supporting informatics products and solutions to the life sciences industries. This combination of experience provides us a unique advantage in understanding how solutions should be designed and implemented so that they meet the scientific and practical needs of the end-users. We can apply our experience in a number of ways to help you get the most out of your business. Whether you need consulting services, strategic planning, software design and implementation, architectural design for your information management or other related areas, we can help.

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In today's job market, where positions in academia are more difficult to find than ever before, academic scientists need additional skills to become truly competitive for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related non-academic job opportunities.

There is no doubt that for most academic scientists, moving to the commercial market is a very daunting challenge. The goals are different, the processes are different, and most importantly, the language is different. In order to start a career in business, you have to be able to convince a potential employer that you have the skills that they need. One of the best ways to make yourself competitive is being able to provide the true picture of your skills, work habits, leadership and research astuteness in a language that businesses understand.

The SciPhD course is designed to help you asess your current skills and express them in business-friendly language. Furthermore, the SciPhD course will help you see where gaps in your skills could be preventing you from realizing the career of your dreams. With this knowledge you will know exactly the kinds of continuing education or coaching you should seek in order to be competitive.

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